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Midweek Course Details

Races Start at 7pm  - download the Midweek Race Pack
550m  in an anti clockwise triangle (click pic to expand)
run around the top cone and grab your helmet/bike
15k - Check out the route on Garmin website. Click Play to see the route.
is basically a paper clip loop
Out the main gates of the park turning right at the roundabout
Straight over next roundabout (Wimpey on left)
Straight over next roundabout (Nowhere else to go)
Next roundabout (blue lake) come back on yourself
back to roundabout (Nowhere else to go)
(Lap 2)    head back to roundabout (blue lake)
(Lap 2)     at roundabout (blue lake) come back one yourself
(Lap 2) Straight over next roundabout (Nowhere else to go)
Straight over next roundabout (Wimpey on right)
Straight over next roundabout (where you joined main road)
Next Left
Next Left
Transition about 500 metres down the right
Put bike back, get trainers on
Run around cone at top of transistion and then back on yourself so lake on left shoulder.
Run 5K
see swim map, 2 laps of lake with lake on your left shoulder 
Get your time, think you can do better, book the next one!!!