2011 Boxing Day Tri

2011 Boxing Day Tri

Pics From Sat 20th Aug 2011

2011-08-20 by Micheal Eade

More pics from Sat 20 Aug 2011 this time From Bob Searle

2011-08-20 byBob Searle

Pics From Wed 10 aug 2011

2011-08-10 Wed Race pics

Pics from Birling Beast 2011


Pics From 2nd Sat Race - 18th June 2011

Sat Race 2 - 18th June 2011

More Pics From 1st sat Race

More pics from 1st sat Race of 2011

2011-05-21 (our 1st sat Race of 2011)

Pics of Sat Race 1 - 2011-05-21

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Seven Oaks Tri Apr 2011
Steve, Leeky, Mike, Alan and Jane                                Leeky and Budgie Smuggler Mike
2011 Cold Water Championships

Mike Russell in action during the 500 yards Endurance Event at 2011 Cold Water Championships @ Tooting Bec Lido, The Water was 3 degree's

2011 Cold Water Swimming Champs at Tooting Bec Lido


Ironman - Contains strong Language



Boxing Day Triathlon 2010


Boxing Day Triathlon -2 2010


2010 Xmas Day Triathlon


Channel Swim Relay Team June 22nd 2010


Xmas Day Triathlon 2009


One Of the Team