Team Outrageous invitation Youth Triathlon Challenge Race - 20-aug-2011

Below is a report From Steve Hunter
To follow the Sprint Tri was the  Team Outrageous invitation Youth Triathlon  Challenge and for those who stayed to watch, support and marshal I think we all agree it was brilliant to watch.
The swim was very close at the front with James and Katie exiting together at the steps and Samuel close behind.  A few of the entrants had no experience at Open Water swimming and the support swimmers in the water encouraged them around the short course.
A few wil learn from the event about the speed of their transitions and it is fair to say Johnny follows my technique of setting comfort before speed, drying feet thoroughly and making sure hair tidy ;o)).
Samuel (with obvious family traits) put in a blistering 2.5km bike lap and quick run to move himself up the rankings - congratulation on a great effort.
Sophie and Katie's (twins) duathlon event was a a challenge for my timekeeping :O) and as expected a close race.
I talked to a few parents and the athletes. We all enjoyed it :O)  I was asked several times if the event would become a regular - I'll be badgering Mike ;O)
I got too engrossed in the event to get any pictures so if you have any that we can use on the webpage please send them with your consent to Dan Butler

THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO ENTERED (well done), SUPPORTED (hoarse from cheering) AND HELPED.

The full details are below.